(28050) JOWATHERM 280.50

JOWATHERM 280.50 Natural – EVA Hot Melt

Beige (natural colour) lightly filled hot melt adhesive based on EVA in granules is intended for gluing furniture edges. The highly rated adhesive is characterised by its high quality and a wide range of applications.

Examples of use:

gluing ABS edges with primer,
gluing laminate (FALZ) edges,
gluing veneer edges,
gluing PVC and PP edges,
soft-forming applications.


Beige (natural colour) hot melt adhesive Jowatherm 280.50 based on EVA is suitable for gluing edges using edge-banding machined with medium feed rate. It is characterised by high thermal resistance, high strength of the bonded joint and clean operation without undesirable fibre forming. Available also in white colour (Jowatherm 280.51).

  • Minimum quantity:
  • 25 kg.
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