About us

“Arvielė” is one of the most reliable and experienced dealers of furniture fittings and glue in Lithuania.

The accumulated experience, a constant focus on the quality of goods and as well as excellent management since 1994 (the establischment of the company) has enabled „Arvielė“ to remain among the market leaders of the sector. Our main business activity is sales of hardware and furniture fittings, adhesives and other materials required for the production of furniture. We offer a wide selection of furniture fittings, accessories, and hardware products. More than 10 producers have qualified the company for distributing their products in the markets of Lithuania and the Baltic states. Vision. To become one of the biggest and most reliable suppliers of glue and fittings not only to Lithuanians furniture industry but also to the Baltic furniture producers. Mission. To ensure a wide range of products and their timely delivery to the clients. Since 1998 the company „Arvielė“ has been providing Lithuanian furniture industry with high quality glue and fittings. The clients are constantly offered qualified technical support as well as information concerning modern technologies. Perfect customer service, a wide range of products as well as their timely delivery to furniture producers make it possible to ensure a continuous production process in the companies.    



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