(28010) JOWATHERM 280.10

JOWATHERM 280.10 Transparent – EVA Hot Melt


Transparent unfilled hot melt adhesive based on EVA in granules is intended for CNC/BAZ shape banding. It can be used also for gluing veneer edges and solid wood lippings.

Examples of use:

gluing ABS edges with primer,
gluing laminate edges,
gluing veneer edges,
gluing PVC and PP edges,
CNC/BAZ shape banding,
manual shape banding,
solid wood lippings.


Transparent hot melt adhesive Jowatherm 280.10 based on EVA is suitable for gluing edges using edge-banding machined with slow to medium feed rate. 

  • Minimum quantity:
  • 25 kg.


Colour: Transparent
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