VIDEO: OKE tufting system

The single tufting system by OKE with customised tufting strips and a special cutting tool allows a time saving production and a precise design.


Plastic strip with firmly attached non-woven flange

  • Non-woven flanges from 40 mm to 120 mm length.
  • Sewing markings according to customers‘ speci­fications
  • Plastic strip and non-woven flange in 15 mm width.


Cutting tool to ­fix the tufting strip

  • Blade: 19 mm wide and 25 cm long
  • Overall length including handle: approx. 35 cm
  • Weight: 350 gr
  • Also available with additional depth stop.


  • Reduced working time with a savings potential of more than 50% for the tufting process.
  • Improved quality achieved through uniform retraction depth.
  • Can be fixed directly on the foam. No further cover materials required.
  • Preceding foam perforation is not necessary anymore.
  • Safe seaming and locking even with greater stitch lengths.
  • Tested quality (tensile strength 100 N = 10 kg)
  • The OKE single tufting system is easy to handle and fast to learn.

With a few simple steps to a perfect design

1. Sewed tufting strip 2. Inserting tufting strip into tool 3. Perforating the foam 4. Disconnecting tufting strip 5. Fixed tufting strip 6 .Even retraction depth   _________________________________  Manufacturer

OKE Kunststofftechnik, Germany.
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