(K31134-BL+M.GOLD) Furniture leg

Black leg + matte gold color tip
h-150 mm; h-400 mm; h-710 mm;

(K31134-BL+RED C) Furniture leg

Black leg + copper color tip
h-150 mm; h-400 mm; h-710 mm;

(K31134-BL+BL NI) Furniture leg

Black leg + black nickel color tip
h-400 mm; h-710 mm;

(K0461 BL) Furniture leg "NERO BLACK"

Black, matt.
h-100 mm; h-130 mm; h-150 mm; h-170 mm

(K0083) Furniture leg

h-150 mm; h-180 mm; h-200 mm

(K0442) Furniture leg

Height adjustable, nickel
h- 130-140 mm

(K0755 BL) Furniture Leg

Black, matt
h-165 mm; h-190 mm; h-270 mm

(K5011) Furniture Leg

Brushed nickel
h-100 mm; h-140 mm;

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